Most Popular Types Of Bongs

man with smoke in his mouth

There are a lot of different types of bongs out there, all in different shapes and sizes, as well as different materials. If you have been a smoker for a while, then you probably already have you favourite shaped bong. But if you are a little bit of a newbie then you should have a look at all the varying types.

All different types of bongs come with varying advantages. You should not only look at the shape of the bong, but also what it is going to be made of. Popular materials include; glass, plastic, ceramic, metal and even bamboo.

If you are looking to purchase a new bong it is important to remember that if something is really cheap, then it probably isn’t going to be that high quality. So, make sure you have a look around at a number of different stores (a lot of them are online now) to find something that is best suited for you.

Have a read on below at some of the most popular types of bongs:

Straight Tube Bong

Probably one, if not the most, popular bongs due to its simplicity, all it is a straight tube with a cover at the bottom and the steam coming out of the side. If you are looking for something plain and simple, or purchasing your first bong, this is probably your go-to option.

Round Base Bong

Man while holding a bong

As the name suggests, the base of this bong is round, meaning the base is wider than the tube section of the bong. These types of bongs tend to be more stable than the typical straight tube bong because the flat surface at the bottom of the bong is wider.

This is certainly something to consider if you have a glass bong, you don’t want to accidentally knock it over and break it! But the overall usage of the bong is similar to that of the straight tube bong, nothing particularly fancy, just a good solid bong.

Beaker Shaped Bong

If you have ever been in high school science class then you probably know what the shape of a beaker is. The bong follows a similar shape, just with the long tube extending from the bong. The base is wider and flat making it even sturdier then to two previously mentioned. But the smoking process is still the same as the straight tube and round base bong.

Multi-Chamber Bong

This type of bong is a variation of your typical straight tube bong. In this bong there is an upper and lower chamber that holds water. This means that the smoke is filtered twice when using this bong. So, if you are a smoker looking for a smoother smoke, then this might be the best option for you.

However, with a smoother smoke, comes a higher price tag. Multi-chamber bongs tend to cost a little bit more then your typical straight, round or beaker shaped bong. This shaped bong is also a little bit more difficult to build, so it is recommended for those more experienced and who know what they are doing.

Homemade Bong

There are a lot of objects around the house that can be used to make a homemade bong. While homemade bongs can be very cost-effective, especially if you are just using everyday items, the quality is probably not going to be that awesome.


As well as this, that obviously will not look at cool as your multi-chambered or beaker based glass bong, but it will still get the job done. Materials like building blocks, water bottles and fruit and all types of things you can use to build a bong.


Why Your Company Should Arrange Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Canberra


Owners who value their business will pull out all of the stops to protect their key assets.

Rather than just talking a good game and crafting a brand image through marketing gimmicks, there are real steps that can be taken to ensure this is a priority.

Workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra offer accessible services for those companies based in the ACT, covering all parties for the latest strain of influenza.


Effective Immunisation Practice

Workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra work. They work for the client, for the provider and those staff members who would otherwise be left to their own health devices. Studies that have looked into these programs in detail have identified an improvement anywhere between 40-50% of the rates of absenteeism for the organisation. Despite any hearsay about how effective these initiatives are, the ability to have all parties injected and protected in the same space is invaluable. Flu infection rates only increase when businesses place the responsibility back to the individual rather than embracing a collective approach.


Flexible Arrangements

The best window to book workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will be identified in that April to May window just prior to the outbreak of the flu in the winter months. However, depending on the nature of the business and what their own schedule is like from one month to the next, they can identify their own timetable for immunisation. There are even outlets who will offer voucher programs, offering a sensible solution that benefits professionals in remote locations or working from home.


Tangible Cost Saver

woman sneezing

That 40-50% of improvements in absenteeism is beneficial for the sake of the employees, but it is also a major consideration for the Canberra business who is paying for sick leave entitlements. The decision to arrange workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will allow the enterprise to reduce those expenses and ensure a swift process where more staff are available on site at any given moment. There are drop offs with staff on hand, and even for those that are present, the threat of experiencing flu symptoms will offer their own challenges. The cost of inaction is more damaging than paying for this expert service.


Improving Workplace Productivity

Although workers are advised to stay home and seek medical attention when they experience flu-like symptoms, we know that is not always the case. From a runny nose to headaches, body pains, fevers and fatigue, it can be hard to identify when someone has been exposed to a strain of influenza and even harder to actually take sick leave. Especially in high-pressure environments where their presence is expected, employees who remain at work with these symptoms simply won’t be anywhere near as productive. Rather than pressuring individuals to push through, the booking of workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will act as a barrier to that scenario.


Establishing Quality Health Standards

A business can say a lot about itself if it sees workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra as a valuable program or an unnecessary expense. Amid all of the excuses about money, time and importance, owners are not doing their own brand any favours if they believe they are above these types of effective medical practices. By setting the bar to the highest possible of health standards, organisations are communicating to all parties that they value their employees and provide protective measures against the spread of harmful flu strains.


It might take a few down periods and poor flu seasons for the penny to drop, but the effectiveness and viability of workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra really do speak for themselves. Local medical specialists are happy to talk about arranging a program for the business, but the first leap has to be taken by owners and managers who want the best for their people.


How You Can Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier By Making A Booking From Your Phone For Rubbish Pick Up In Your Area


As people get older, they will usually find that they place less focus on certain things and situations and that they will place more of an emphasis on ease. This is because people realise how stressful life can become if they don’t intervene, and so people are usually looking for different ways that they can make their life more enjoyable. For example, people may find themselves hiring a cleaner to come to their house once a week so that they don’t have to fight with their spouse about housework.

For others, they may actually downsize their house because the upkeep is just too much when they live in a larger home. Whatever it may be that people decide to do, the chances are that they will feel a whole lot better than more that they take off their plate. As this is the case and as it is something that is so important, here’s how you can make your life a whole lot easier by making a booking from your phone for rubbish pick up in your area.


People can make their life a whole lot easier by making a booking from their phone for rubbish pickup in the area as they are removing a mental to-do from their mind

Many people in this busy day and age, will have to-do lists that are very lengthy and that never seem to get shorter. Because of this, the last thing that people want is to get home and to see a bunch of things that also need to be done in addition to their already long list. For example, people may look in their backyard and will see an old piece of furniture or an old piece of exercise equipment and they will immediately feel a pang of stress because they remember that they have to dispose of that item.

Then people will try to think about when they are going to be available during business hours to take this item to their local tip, or they may be thinking about who they are able to get to help them carry the item to their car and then to unload it at the junkyard. In many cases people are not able to find a solution to either of these answers and so will need to look for something else in order to get the task at hand done. The good news is that there is another easy solution and as soon as people see the problem in their backyard, they can whip out their phone and can make a booking for rubbish pickup in their area.


You can make your life a whole lot easier by making a booking from your phone for rubbish pickup in your area you don’t have to talk to anyone

One of the reasons why people don’t implement certain services sooner is because they simply cannot be bothered talking to someone over the phone. Luckily, there are many services out there that people are simply able to book online which means they don’t have to talk to anyone at all. All they will have to do is to put in the location of where they need the item picked up from and they can put in a photo or a description of the item and the professionals can simply come and pick it up. This works well because they can also send an invoice online for the rubbish pick up performed.

How Many Businesses Out There Are Able To Save Themselves Thousands Of Dollars Each Year With Scaffolding Hire


When people run their own company, they will very quickly find themselves in a world surrounding by budgets, KPIs, profit and loss statements, as well as much, much more. For many, they will not even realise that there is so much to learn about money until they enter into the business world. Soon enough, people will become obsessed with the topic and will constantly be thinking of ways that they can grow and evolve without over capitalising.

For instance, people may be in a position where an essential piece of equipment will help them implement a new kind of service, however, it can be extremely expensive to purchase this piece of equipment as well as maintain it. As this can be the case, people may need to think a little outside of the box in order to get what they want without going broke. As money is one of the most important things to think about when running a company, here is a look at how many businesses out there are able to save themselves thousands of dollars each year when hiring scaffoldings.


Many businesses out there are able to save themselves thousands of dollars each year with scaffolding hire because it would be more expensive to purchase one outright

One of the first things that people should do before they make any kind of large purchase is to sit down so that they are able to crunch the numbers. If people do not do this, they may realise that they could have gone about things differently and may have actually saved themselves some funds. For example, instead of jumping the gun and going out there to purchase a system outright, people can instead calculate how many times in a year that they will use that system and can see if it is cheaper for them to look into scaffolding hire.

If people are only using this kind of system once or twice throughout the year for some big jobs, then it really wouldn’t make any sense for them to go out and purchase one.


Many businesses out there are able to save themselves thousands of dollars each year with scaffolding hire because they don’t have to increase the size of their factory or warehouse

As it can be seen, it can be a good idea for people to look into scaffolding hire because they may be able to save themselves a great deal of money instead of going out and purchasing one outright. What people also may not think about is the fact that looking into this type of thing may also help them because they will not have to increase the size of their work space. When people go out and buy all sorts of different pieces of large equipment, they will quickly find that they have outgrown their space and they will need to do something about this.

And when people have to go out and take out a new lease on a factory, they may find that they this includes a whole host of other costs such as bond payments, first month’s rent, increased electricity, as well as a lot more. As this is the case, it can be a wise move to downsize as much as possible and to keep things as minimal as possible for as long as possible. And so, people should absolutely consider this type of service when they are wanting to save themselves a great deal of money now and in the future.



Your Complete Guide to Using Finasteride for Baldness

man experiencing hair loss

The majority of men will experience baldness eventually – studies suggest that around 85% of males are affected by it by the time they have their fiftieth birthday, which is why finasteride is such good news. There are several steps you can take to prevent or reverse baldness.

Note: Ensure to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor before beginning any treatment or medication.


What is it?

Finasteride is a prescription-only medication that blocks DHT, a hormone associated with baldness. It is generally taken as a 1mg tablet once a day, and is FDA approved to treat baldness. Initially, most people’s hair loss stops in its tracks. After a few years, your hair can even grow back thicker. However, as soon as you stop taking it, hair loss will start to occur again.


How it works

It blocks enzyme 5-alpha reductase, responsible for turning testosterone into DHT. In doing so, it creates a significant decrease in DHT levels in the blood and scalp. Lower DHT levels help the hair to grow naturally. Finasteride 1mg is effective at decreasing DHT by around 70%, and in doing so helps to prevent hair loss.


Side effects

The most common side effects of this drug are:

  • Hair shedding (this is actually a sign the drug is working properly!)
  • Dizziness & light-headedness
  • Cold sweats
  • Chills
  • Confusion
  • Weakened sex drive
  • Inability to get or maintain an erection

Most of these symptoms should pass. In rare instances, finasteride may lead to PFS, a syndrome which can cause long-term sexual dysfunctions, depression, anxiety and fatigue.



Research has suggested that 90% of men who take this medication regrow their hair or have no more hair loss after 5 years (though it usually takes far less time than this). Around 50% of men have an increase of hair growth, 40% don’t have any new hair loss, and the final 10% lost some hair. This makes it very highly effective compared to a placebo.


How to get the best results

Getting the best results with finasteride involves being committed. It doesn’t work immediately, and you might get a few side effects initially. Because it takes a while to work, you should keep taking it for 3 months (unless you experience serious side effects). And remember, if you stop taking the drug, hair loss will resume.

Thankfully, the pill is pretty easy to take. To make it easier to remember, try setting a reminder on your phone at the same time each day.


Hair transplantation

Finasteride can also be used in conjunction with a hair transplant. This is often done because the drug is not as effective at the front of the scalp, but a transplant is. Surgical restoration of the hair at the front tends to offer the most cosmetic benefit. The drug shines at improving hair loss at the back of the scalp, where hair transplants don’t often work too well. So by combining the two methods, you could get much better hair growth results.

If you find out you cannot take the drug, or decide you don’t want to because of the potential side effects, getting a hair transplantation is pretty much just as effective. However, the drug prevents more hair loss from occurring, whilst the surgery doesn’t.

In short, you don’t need the drug, but it can help.

If you’re curious to learn more, speak to your doctor about whether finasteride is right for you. And if you need something even stronger for treating male pattern baldness, your doctor might be able to prescribe you a combination of this drug and c.


What Are The Best 3d Printers In Homes?

A 3D building printer is a machine that can build houses by depositing a material (e.g., concrete) layer by layer. 3D printing of concrete – aka “Construction 4.0” – is a 3D printing technology similar to that used by 3D FFF (molten wire deposition) printers. Paste material, in this case, concrete or sludge, is pushed through a nozzle to form layers. In the building sector, 3D printing of concrete saves time, money and raw materials .

Indeed, only the frame of the house is built; other items, such as windows, electricity or plumbing, must be installed separately. 3D concrete printers, however, can be used to print bridges, benches, or just outdoor decorations.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the 3D printer market for construction, we have identified 12 3D home printing solutions.


Here we will elaborate on how 3D printers can print houses in 3D through the extrusion of dough.

The technology used for 3D printing of houses

3D printers in the house use extrusion technology. Some 3D building printers resemble FFF / FDM desktop 3D printers (Gantry or Gantry type), while others consist of a mechanical arm swiveling on itself.

In both cases, pasty material such as concrete is used as filament. The content is pushed through a special nozzle to form layers. Simply put, the extrusion of dough can be compared to the use of a pastry bag to spread icing on a cake.

Benefits Of 3d Building Printing

Ecological: 3D printed homes can be built with organic and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, some 3D concrete printers use solar energy and generate low CO2 emissions.

Affordable : 3D home printers can build inexpensive homes with organic materials, which holds great promise for regions of the world affected by poverty or natural disasters.

Economies of scale : 3D home printing reduces some construction costs. Thus, the price of a square meter of the wall is about $ 75 with traditional construction methods, while it can go down to $ 27 with the Apis Cor 3D printer.

Effective : Because the materials needed for 3D home printing are printed on demand, machines produce less waste. In addition, 3D construction printers can finish the foundations of a home in a few days, while traditional construction methods take weeks or even months.

Flexible : With a 3D concrete printer, it’s easy to create curved walls and unique façades. (Fortunately, it is possible to print furniture in 3D so that they are adapted to curves!)

Limitations of 3D building printing

Costly initial investment: The price of a home 3D printer can reach up to a million dollars.

Partial Construction: 3D home printers only build the building’s frame. The 3D printing process is usually interrupted to install plumbing, electricity, and rebar manually.

Uneven exterior surface: Most exterior surfaces of 3D printed houses are not as smooth as those of traditional homes.

Lack of certification: construction sites are regulated by law. There are many important safety standards to follow, which can be difficult with 3D printing techniques (variable repeatability, dimensional stability, etc.).