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Why Your Company Should Arrange Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Canberra


Owners who value their business will pull out all of the stops to protect their key assets.

Rather than just talking a good game and crafting a brand image through marketing gimmicks, there are real steps that can be taken to ensure this is a priority.

Workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra offer accessible services for those companies based in the ACT, covering all parties for the latest strain of influenza.


Effective Immunisation Practice

Workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra work. They work for the client, for the provider and those staff members who would otherwise be left to their own health devices. Studies that have looked into these programs in detail have identified an improvement anywhere between 40-50% of the rates of absenteeism for the organisation. Despite any hearsay about how effective these initiatives are, the ability to have all parties injected and protected in the same space is invaluable. Flu infection rates only increase when businesses place the responsibility back to the individual rather than embracing a collective approach.


Flexible Arrangements

The best window to book workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will be identified in that April to May window just prior to the outbreak of the flu in the winter months. However, depending on the nature of the business and what their own schedule is like from one month to the next, they can identify their own timetable for immunisation. There are even outlets who will offer voucher programs, offering a sensible solution that benefits professionals in remote locations or working from home.


Tangible Cost Saver

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That 40-50% of improvements in absenteeism is beneficial for the sake of the employees, but it is also a major consideration for the Canberra business who is paying for sick leave entitlements. The decision to arrange workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will allow the enterprise to reduce those expenses and ensure a swift process where more staff are available on site at any given moment. There are drop offs with staff on hand, and even for those that are present, the threat of experiencing flu symptoms will offer their own challenges. The cost of inaction is more damaging than paying for this expert service.


Improving Workplace Productivity

Although workers are advised to stay home and seek medical attention when they experience flu-like symptoms, we know that is not always the case. From a runny nose to headaches, body pains, fevers and fatigue, it can be hard to identify when someone has been exposed to a strain of influenza and even harder to actually take sick leave. Especially in high-pressure environments where their presence is expected, employees who remain at work with these symptoms simply won’t be anywhere near as productive. Rather than pressuring individuals to push through, the booking of workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra will act as a barrier to that scenario.


Establishing Quality Health Standards

A business can say a lot about itself if it sees workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra as a valuable program or an unnecessary expense. Amid all of the excuses about money, time and importance, owners are not doing their own brand any favours if they believe they are above these types of effective medical practices. By setting the bar to the highest possible of health standards, organisations are communicating to all parties that they value their employees and provide protective measures against the spread of harmful flu strains.


It might take a few down periods and poor flu seasons for the penny to drop, but the effectiveness and viability of workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra really do speak for themselves. Local medical specialists are happy to talk about arranging a program for the business, but the first leap has to be taken by owners and managers who want the best for their people.